The Tools of Ignorance(ToI)

by clash bowley

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The Tools of Ignorance. The Tools of Ignorance are the mask, pads, and shin guards a catcher wears to protect themselves from injury. It is also a roleplaying game about baseball players and their lives - how they work as a team and what makes a team successful.

Unlike in most roleplaying games, the characters in ToI don't face combat, or terrors in the night, or magic. Instead they have to fight their battles in the ritualized form of baseball, where they give everything they have to catch a ball, risk career ending injury to block a runner, choose whether to take performance enhancing drugs to prolong their career, or fade away into a footnote.

There's a full-on baseball simulation in ToI, covering everything in the game with flexible, extensible rules. You can create a team, create players, play out a game, a series, or a season. There are rules for deciding games with one roll, if you don't want to play everything out.

Ballplayers have lives off the field as well , - marriages, divorces, cheating, children, prying reporters, and everything that comes with an immensely well-paying but intensely high pressure career.

ToI uses the StarCluster/StarPool system

Here's a couple of awesome fan-made files you might enjoy! 178 Tools of Ignorance ML Baseball Cards and all new Card Tables from Antonio Megna! Click to download these two Open Office files.

This is a fantastic tool from Bobble, using Excel. It generates a random team to play against, in baseball card form, just by hitting f9. You can pick it up here!

It also has a tab for creating one-roll games

The team cards look like this: ">

This item is available now.

The Road To The Majors

The Road To The Majors is a roleplaying game inspired by Tools of Ignorance, but optimized for solo play. RTTM does not use the system in ToI, but instead uses a simple percentile roll-under system. The Road To The Majors is designed by Antonio Megna, and is free to download.