by clash bowley snd Albert Bailey

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Outremer Outremer - A dream of what could have been.

Outremer is an alt-historical game, set in a world where the crusader states have lasted into the 16th century. This game can be played with or without magic as desired. If you want magic, there are nine Paths of Power, flying carpets, Djinn, Kabbalah, Sufi mystics, Half-angels, and the power of the archangels. Along with 3 major religions with various sects, political games, espionage, and war, it's a terrific setting for gaming.

The 11 nations of Outremer - Acre, Aleppo, Antioch, Aqaba, Armenia, Ascalon, cyprus, Damascus, Edessa, Homs, jerusalem, Rhodes, and Tripoli - have managed to survive into the mid 16th century by balancing opposition, trade, and banding together when needed. After 500 years, they have evolved a modus vivendi which allows - if not peace, then a tradition of getting along without cutting their own throats.

Creating your Association first allows you to make your characters with already existing ties, resources, and support, and if the players make the Association, it allows the GM to see what you all are interested in.

A Blood Games II game

Outremer Character Sheet

A character sheet for use in the game. Free Download.